Camper Catering | Vending options for the street food scene
A range of hand held foods, you get to choose a meal made from only the finest ingredients that do not necessarily have to be locally sourced.

Street Food

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The guys at Camper Catering are delighted to offer a wide range of quality Street Food options.

The current trend is to offer, not only great food, but a holistic eating experience. This includes where, how and what we provide.

We want you to remember us!

Firstly, presentation; having iconic units, such as The Camper or our 6 metre (high output) American Airstream makes for a talking piece even before you order your meal. We do call it ‘a meal’ rather than a cheap snack or something you might pick up from a fast food outlet. There is always a bit of banter, a joke and an explanation as to how hard it was to convert the camper etc.

Choice; from a range of hand held food options, you get to choose a meal made from only the finest ingredients that do not necessarily have to be locally sourced. After all, if the produce of Kent is better than that in Birmingham … well, you get my drift.

Most of our meals are made specifically for Camper Catering and our salads, garnishes etc are prepped freshly every day.

Camper Catering menu is constantly evolving to meet the demands of our clients. For 2015 this includes:

  • 14” Cumberland or chicken sausages specially prepared for us by Kentish butchers. These are served with caramelised onions in a soft baguette. A spicy and curry version is also on the menu. Our sausages are made from free range pigs and chickens and tracability is a very important to our ethos.
  • Pulled pork seasoned with cracked pepper and fresh mixed herbs. This succulent option is available in wholemeal, buritto or tortilla wraps. Skinny slaw, red cabbage, four leaf salad, red onions and a selection of spicy or mild sauces enhances this fabulous option. Our pulled pork is also available on glazed buns, open sandwiches, brioche or a British cob roll.
  • 6 ounce Aberdeen Angus burger or hache served with a choice of salads and garnishes in a shiny bun, floury bap or ciabatta . The addition of best back bacon or Halloumi squeaky cheese is a must in our opinion.
  • Pork belly strips in natural or BBQ sauce served in ciabatta or focaccia breads.
  • Best back bacon in a 6 inch bap. Can be cooked with a marmalade glaze.
  • Bangers and mash/garlic mash/swede mash served in a giant Yorkshire pudding with onion gravy.
  • Whole butterflied chicken breast served with salad in a floury bap or brioche roll.
  • Chicken schnitzel served with salad in a wrap, focaccia or baguette.
  • Torn chicken marinated in Italian herb, piri piri, BBQ or buttercream sauce. Served in a wrap, ciabatta, bowl on a bad of mixed salad.
  • American hot chicken salad, served in a pot with crunchy salad.
  • Wraps, including many veggie options, are a fun and healthy addition to our menu.
  • Lamb Kofte served with fresh salad in focaccia bread.
  • Various soups with warm artisanal breads.

Finally, I would like to mention that we offer whole event catering. From hot food to sweet treats and bars, Camper Catering can service the whole event.

That’s just one phone call and one person to deal with and no conflicts of interest or differing personalities.